Las Haciendas

La historia detrás de estas magnificas haciendas se remontan al siglo XVI, su rica arquitectura Mexicana es la atracción principal para dar cita a bodas de muy exquisito gusto que toman vida en estos magníficos

palacios. Su boda está más cerca de lo que usted se imagina porque hemos juntado a las mejores haciendas que México tiene para ofrecer y todo para que usted pueda escoger.

Bodas con estilo

Las bodas destino han tenido un auge inesperado en los últimos años y las bodas en Haciendas le están dando un nuevo nombre a este tipo de bodas extravagantes en un ambiente

lleno de herencia y cultura, un nuevo tipo de bodas de destino está a la vista.


Mexico wedding at Hacienda de los Morales venue in Mexico City


Every now and then we get one of those weddings. A wedding that makes you stop in your tracks and really pause. To soak up the simplicty, the sweetness, the love. To remember that weddings don’t have to be over the top to be beautiful. To remind you that love is a pretty thing and that if it can take center stage, well, you’ve done something really right. And this wedding, photographed to heartbreaking perfection is just that. So very right. So very lovely.

From the Bride… After Geoff and I got engaged, we didn’t quite anticipate the work ahead. We spent a few months enjoying the holidays. Six months before the wedding, we finally began our search for the perfect venue. Geoff is from England and I am from Mexico, but both of us wanted a wedding near our current home in Mexico City. We were hoping to have roughly 80 guests and keep it intimate with close family and friends. On a cold day we decided to visit an Hacienda near our location, we spoke with a staff member of Hacienda de Los Morales who showed us their amazing wedding menus. We were thrilled! Geoff and I are both foodies, and it was very important for us to make sure our guests would have incredible food. In addition, the Hacienda de Los Morales has so much personality, and it is perfect for small weddings. Not to mention a breathtaking setup for the indoor ceremony we dreamed of! Every detail feels like an authentic Mexican Hacienda. While the space was recently renovated, it maintains a clasic hacienda style. We found the one!

Geoff and I are both into details, and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to design our own invites, menus and other printed pieces. Both coming from different cultures, we tried our best to create bilingual invites and created an online RSVP since a lot of guests were spread across England and Mexico. To share our obsessions, in the invites we highlighted some favorite food spots in Mexico for the guests to visit during their stay.

Together we managed to plan the entire wedding in just five months! Although there were many late nights and some testing of our relationship as soon-to-be-newlyweds… everything was perfect.